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Turning Engineers into


This Master of Science in Industrial Engineering has been designed to prepare engineers for future roles as managers and leaders of international technology companies, whether in a Startup or a Multinational Corporation.

With a clear focus on Technology Innovations, Industry Relevant Management Know-How and International Expertise


We offer our students a unique opportunity to:


  • Work with experienced industry executives and gain insights into how to solve industry challenges effectively

  • Be exposed to the latest research findings and learn how to translate them into effective management tools and practice

  • Work and learn in international teams how to solve global management challenges

  • Understand and apply new management principles to exploit the benefits of global industry networks

  • Enjoy a first-class academic master's education, full-time or part-time while pursuing a professional career


to offer a master's program highly attractive to anyone pursuing an international career in any technology-driven industry.

For a detailed overview of the admission steps please visit Admission Details or visit our FAQ page.


If you require any further information, feel free to contact us

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