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My past experience my area which I feel that I can do better. I like the innovation and implementation. since I want to start my own company, I am confident that this program will help me to achieve my goals.

After my bachelor degree, it is the perfect master course for me because I can work full time during the week.The requirements and the scope were easy to find on the website and I could register myself online.

Industrial Engineering is an online program at Kiel University of Applied Sciences. In future I would like to become an Entrepreneur. That’s a big point to choose this program. The registration was really simple and the staff very helpful.I would like to flourish in the automotive field with the help of Industrial Engineering.

After working for more than 13 years in different industries from different departments like automotive, aerospace and general engineering, I felt the need of mastering my skills by doing this course.I think it is very well structured as per current requirements of modern industrialized world.

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