The Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Industrial Engineering is a 120 credit point course (ECTS - European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) that can be completed in four semesters (or more as a part-time equivalent). The master course enables graduate students to develop key skills and research expertise in industry growth areas, as well as supporting their own strengths and interests.




The MIE program consists of three main phases: I Module Phase , II Industry Project  and III Thesis Phase.

After being well prepared and theoretically grounded during the module learning phase, the students are expected to apply their newly gained knowledge during the project phase in a real industry environment at a workplace. During the thesis stage students are expected to work on a scientific research project.



Study Process:

Industrial Engineering Master program has been designed to offer students a maximum of flexibility to meet their individual needs and the requirements of the companies with whom our students may have a working relationship.

To achieve this, most of our learning material is available online and all seminars, lectures as well as exams are held on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) only. In addition we do offer video-conferencing facilities and make use of other innovative media technology to address the growing business/work and personal needs (e.g. business travel, child-rearing, limited mobility) of our  international students to ensure their professional and personal success.

Degree Awarded:
Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Program Duration:

2 years (4 Semesters)




Application Deadline:

The study program starts both at the beginning of the winter and summer terms (October 15th / April 15th).

The application deadline for German students is September 15th (Winter Semester) and March 15th (Summer Semester).

For international students, it is January 15th and July 15th accordingly.

Program Start Dates:

The MIE program start dates are as follows:

Summer Semester: April

Winter Semester: October


Tuition fees: 9,900 € including master thesis, payable in 4 installments of 2,475 €. Therefore you will receive an invoice from our contracting Partner F&E FH Kiel GmbH. 

The respective university registration fees  (approx. 100 € per semester) are additional. 

71 € Study fee per Semester.


​Living Costs: 

Monthly expenses (incl. accommodation): approx. 700 € per month. For more information please visit

Abbreviations used:

CPS: Credit Points