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When can I start the Master program?

You can start the program in either the summer or winter term. The terms run alongside our attendance courses. The winter term runs from mid-September to mid-February, the summer term from mid-March to the end of July.

How long is the prescribed period of study and the maximum program duration?

The prescribed period of study is two years, divided into four terms. The maximum program duration, in accordance with the corresponding examination regulations, is 12 terms. You must successfully complete your course within this period of study, otherwise you will be removed from the register of students at the end of the 12th term.

Can I pursue this master program while working/living abroad?

Due to our program architecture which has been designed to cater not only for full time students but also for students that are engaged in professional full- or part-time work activities parallel to their studies, it is indeed possible to successfully complete this program while living or working abroad. However, for the presence phases, which take place on weekends only, you would be required to travel to Germany to take part in the seminars and exams for the modules/courses, where participation via videoconferencing is not being offered.

What are the admission requirements?

You will find all information regarding admission requirements under the menu point “Admission Requirements”.


How much are the costs and other contributions?

Information on University contributions and other cost aspects can be found here.


How many credits do I have to achieve to complete the Master program

If you have completed a bachelor’s degree with 180 credits then 120 credits are required to complete the Masters progam. 

I’ve got a bachelor's degree with 210 Credits - can I reduce the Master’s volume?

Basically, it is possible to reduce the Master’s volume with a Bachelor’s degree of 210 Credits. The volume of modules and tests can be reduced by up to 30 Credits depending on the compatibility of the bachelor modules with the content of the master program.  

Can modules from other master’s degree courses at the University of Kiel be taken into account?

The examination authority is open  to consider all master’s modules at the University of Kiel to be taken into account. In any case , an informal application to the Director of Studies is necessary in order to check that the content of the module is compatible to the Master of Industrial Engineering course.




How and where do I apply for the Master of Industrial Engineering program?

The application process for the Master of Industrial Engineering (MIE) program, is managed via Uni Assist. Just go to their webpage and follow the instructions.


When can I choose the modules that I would like to  select for a given term?

At the beginning of each term, we offer a Kick-Off event where every student will be invited to. During this event all modules being offered in a given term will be introduced and students can asked questions to the respective lectures. After the event you will have about one week to decide which modules you would like to choose.

Where do I have to report a change of address?

You can change your address anytime at the QIS-site. 

Registration each term - Why have I been removed from the register of students?

At the start of the re-registration period, all students at Kiel University of Applied Sciences receive a reminder e-mail to register for the next term and submit their termly contribution. Those who have still not transferred a termly contribution by the end of the re-registration period will receive another e-mail with a deadline extension and a warning that de-registration will take place in the event of non-payment. These e-mails will be sent automatically from our system to the student address ( As it is the responsibility of the students to check their mail box for this address, or to forward it to another e-mail address, no further check is carried out by the university that re-registration has taken place.

How frequent are the attendance phases?

Generally speaking, there are two attendance phases per module during the term. The written examinations are taken by arrangement either directly following the second attendance phase or a third period is arranged to accommodate the written examinations.


QIS - What is the QIS and how can I register for it or log in?

QIS is the place where you will find your grades recorded by the examination office and other information like a complete transcript of all the modules you have generated. Furthermore, it is possible to print out your certificate of study. The QIS website can be found at: The login name (also known as UPN) is your university e-mail address (e.g. which has been sent to you shortly after enrollment. If you have not changed the password yet please use the primary one. Please find further information here: 

Internment - What must be taken into account with the internment?

The internment is an integral part of the study course and contributes 10  credits to the final grade. During this period the student will be working in a company. The internment includes a report about a specific project that has been conducted by the student. I is, about 15 pages in length complying to scientific standards.

Master Thesis - Process of writing a master thesis:

The topic of the thesis is usually being proposed by the student after consultation with the first supervisor and must be confirmed by the examination  board.

Master Thesis - What is the deadline for writing a thesis?

The time available for students to complete their thesis is 5 months  . The deadline for the processing period begins on the agreed start of work, once the thesis has been registered by the thesis supervisor.

Master Thesis - What forms must be filled out by whom, until when?

The necessary thesis application form will be filled out by your first thesis supervisor, who will submit it to the Examination Office. After registration you will receive a written confirmation and information about the deadlines .

Please find further information here


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